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sooooo, who are these little dogs then? Only the great danes were mentioned in this article...

Rick Sherman

Some of the "little dogs" include:

  • expressor software
  • Talend (open source software)[sold by Jaspersoft too]
  • Pentaho (open source software)
  • iWay Software
  • Pervasive Software

    Former little dogs but now owned by the great danes:

  • Sunopsis is now Oracle Data Integrator (ODI)
  • Acta is now Business Objects Data Integrator

    SAS has a data integration software but they are not a little dog.

    Also, let's keep in mind that although they are a leader by market share, by software company size Informatica is David to IBM's Goliath (and they more than hold their own)

    Do you have others that you would suggest?

  • Jitterbit

    Nice post, Rick - just came across it through an ITBusinessEdge link. Self-serving plug here but I'd like to add another dog to the litter:

    Jitterbit http://www.jitterbit.com

    Integration made simple enough for the business analyst - no bones about it. (Sorry.)

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