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Darren Cunningham

Hi Rick, I was surprised not to see a mention of Cloud Computing and the impact it's having on the data integration market. Of course, more cloud applications represents more data fragmentation and the need for better data integration, but there has also been a trend towards data integration solutions being delivered as a cloud-based service.

I wanted to point out that data integration (and data quality) delivered as a true on-demand service can have an impact on almost all of your Top 10. Let me know if you'd like to get an update on the Informatica Cloud. We're now moving over 4 billion rows a data through the multitenant service and processing over 20 thousand rows per day. Pretty amazing stuff!


Rick Sherman

Darren, Am I the only writer who did not mention The Cloud either as the next big thing or just too much hype? Cloud is part of #3 Enterprise DI but I wanted go beyond the obvious.
DI Top 10 or "the good, the bad & the ugly" of Data Integration Trends.
You know I am a fan of on-demand, SaaS or the Cloud.
ps: I'd be happy to discuss

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