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Gordon Wood

Dear Rick,
This is a great article as is the series. Congratulations and many thanks. I have enjoyed reading it and have learned a great deal.

Right now and all this year I have been actually in the middle of a couple of large DW/BI projects

It prompts me to think about this more as I face the issues and write something down in a posts on the subject myself. In one this week I cited your post as a source and acknowledgement to you for any new readership it brings you.

In it I made a statement:

“The Pareto theory to focuses on 20% of effort to get 80% of the value does not work in business intelligence projects.

There you need to get 100% of the data right and cleaned up, before it can be mapped and reported consistently.”

What do you think?

I now look forward to your next item in your series.

Gordon Wood

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