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John Schmidt

Rick, I agree 100% that ICC’s are a natural extension (even essential) to any enterprise-wide information management initiative. The integration project is what delivers the initial value to the enterprise, but the ICC is needed to sustain and grow the business value over time. Without a focus to sustain and leverage the integration assets on an ongoing basis, individual point integration projects simply end up adding to an already complex integration hairball.
Check out this article from last year about the adoption of ICC’s http://blogs.informatica.com/perspectives/index.php/2010/03/18/the-year-of-the-icc/

rick sherman

John, Thanks for your excellent feedback and your contribution to the field of integration. I agree wholeheartedly that ICCs, along with information governance, are cross-functional and ongoing. Leveraging information from a myriad of sources is a critical success factor key for many enterprises. Being able to do it in a cost-effective, productive & timely manner is a differentiator among those enterprises. Rick

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