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Jim Finnigan

My experience was that IT didn't want to have the business sign off on requirements or specifications documents because that slows the project down!

rick sherman


I agree. Getting into the details and reaching agreement, often among varying business viewpoints, is time consuming but it is needed to build a system that is going to be of value to the business. Unfortunately since IT skimped on this in the past it is tough for IT mgt to justify in this instance.

Another factor is that IT gets kudos for the quick wins or rapid "prototypes". This gets something to the business immediately (skipping the bus req'ts step) but often this approach ensures a never ending succession of quick fixes and a business that wonders why IT can never get it right.

It is a classic "ready, fire, aim" approach except that IT keeps firing but not aiming (designing).


Lawrence Spring

This is a very valid argument and the good points from each party make the topic more interesting. I believe the second trend is very evident these days. Hmmm... I won't be surprised to know about upcoming trends in the months to come, with IT being an ever-changing field.

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