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Nice post. But using the right tool still counts -- a lot!



Agree agree agree. Summary, it is not the wand then, it is the magician that is important.

Good work can be done with poor tools but it will be an unnecessary struggle. Right tools in the hands of the right person who understands the data, the business, the challenge and is experienced and/or motivated, then it all comes together.

And the appropriate tools, not too big, not too small, not too numerous nor few not too complex, not too simple.

Tech Junkie

Great post! both comments before are correct using the right tool definitely helps with reach goals but the person using the tool needs to have the drive to learn about how to use the tool correct to utilize it to its max! Business Intelligence Software has many perks for the user. It might just look like a bunch of charts but in reality it shows alot and when used correctly with some training the person maybe able to learn that data integration is not just with the data but with the user and the software

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