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We are struggling with this very thing right now at my company. We have two BI camps, WebFocus and SQL Reporting Services. Someone at the upper levels of management got it in their head that WebFocus is no good, (probably because they couldn't figure out how to use it), so now there is a battle underfoot. I can't imagine re-writing thousands of WebFocus reports into SQL Services, and what possible business benefit that would have. Great article, I will show it to management next time this comes up.

Rick Sherman


Two BI camps similar to two sports teams that are bitter rivals, the fans are very passionate & are not going to change their allegiances. At least your enterprise only has 2 camps while others might have 6 or more.

Next week I'll discuss what BI report governance efforts yield business benefits.

Thanks, Rick

Nancy Beckman

"data is manipulated in countless ways before the business people see it in various reports, dashboards or spreadsheets. "

You make a very good point. Every wants to see the data from a different point of view, so it's sliced and diced and rearranged to fit what the reader wants to see. But sometimes that means something gets lost in translation.

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